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Socializing and Making Money On Craigslist.org

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  • Socializing and Making Money On Craigslist.org

    Did you know that you can use the social aspect of craigslist.org to make money?  What better way to start to promote a business than with new cyber friends. The best part is that many of these cyber friends live in the same area as you and they have the potential to become your business associates and customers as well as your cyber friends. This is how socializing and making money on craigslist.org go hand in hand.

    How do you mix socializing and business? You can do this on craigslist.org. People will be more likely to buy from someone they know. If you get into the social aspect of craigslist.org, you will become known in the cyber community and this can translate itself into more sales. Let's examine how.

    For example, let's say that you have a jewelry store. You need more customers. You post an ad on craigslist.org for your business and in this ad is a discount on purchases over $100.00. Now you start to socialize on the craigslist.org boards. You talk with this one and that. As you connect with more and more people online, tell them about your craigslist.org ad. Let everyone know that if they go to the ad and get the coupon, they will receive the discount. The more people that visit your ad the more business you will receive. In addition, ask them to vote for you in the best of craigslist.org. All it tales is a click of the mouse as they are visiting your ad. By promoting your ad and your business to the general cragislist.org community you will be building a customer base. The best thing of all is that with a very few exceptions, craigslist.org is free to post to. 

    So how does one join craigslst.org. That is simple. If you have a valid email account, just click on the join option. Fill out the information and then you will have to enter in the scrambles letters at the bottom of the page so that the system knows you are a human and not some form of robot. 

    Other than the jewelry store example listed above; what other types of businesses benefit from socializing and making money on craigslist.org? Almost any business can benefit from socializing. The key here is to join groups that are related to you business. If you are a gardener, then join gardening groups. If you are a homeschooling parent with a home based business, then join a homeschool group. It all depends on what is the focus of your business and what you want to accomplish through socializing. 

    Socializing and making money on cragislist.org should not be exclusive to one another. You should try to join as many groups as you can, especially online groups. Online groups can be visited when the mood strikes you and there is a lot less involved. Groups that get together to meet are also a good idea, but there are only so many you can join if you wish to actually run a business. There are many business groups to join. Many are woman based, and most of these welcome single moms.
    Unlike when you sell an item, you do not need to be a member of craigslist.org in order to participate in group meetings. This is fine if you are not posting ads. To post an ad, you must register. 

    After scanning the groups available in your area what do you do if you cannot find a group that suits you? Then start one on your own. Think about the type of group you want to form, maybe build a website, find a place to meet and post an ad for the group. Many people might be interested, you will not know until you put the ad out there. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask. Do not let the lack of a group discourage you. Forming a group, especially in a smaller city is not as hard as you would think. There are people out there with interests similar to yours. As a business owner, this can be a great way to start meeting and greeting new customers. This is how socializing and making money on craigslist.org go hand in hand.


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  • Protect Yourself From Fraud While Making Money On Craigslist.org

    You can make money on craigslist.org, Just as easily as you can make money, you can also lose it. There are many unscrupulous individuals out there who are just waiting to take your money and run. So how do you protect yourself from fraud while making money on craigslist.org?

    There are many things you can do so let's start with the very basics. Craigslist.org has a short piece on how to protect yourself from fraud. Before you start to buy and sell on craigslist.org you should familiarize yourself with this document. This however, is just the first step.

    Now that you have read that article on craigslist.org, let's review it here and build on the concepts that it covers. First, remember that craigslist.org is a local list. Any communication from someone outside the general area, especially from outside the country, should be viewed with suspicion. There are plenty of check, certified check, and money order scams out there. This is also true for wire transfers. Here is a good way to protect yourself from fraud while making money craigslist.org. Never accept a check, or certified check from someone outside of the US. If you decide to sell to someone in another location, request that they send you an international money order. This can be cashed at the post office and it is traceable. Never ship goods until the payment has cleared. Do not fall for the partial payment. Never ship COD, never ship until you have cleared available funds that are payment in full. Overall it is safer not to deal with anyone who is not local. A face to face transaction is far better than one where you never meet your customer.

    After covering payments, we need to cover other types of scams. Get cash whenever possible. This avoids most problems. Let buyers know that your sale is as is, no refunds not returns accepted. Craigslist.org will not get involved in any aspect of the sale. They do not offer "safe harbor" like eBay, they do not certify buyers and sellers, and they do not offer buyer or seller protection. If someone is touting themselves as craigslist.org certified, they are lying. Do not conduct business with them.

    Here are some other things to be aware of. Always set up a meeting to see the merchandise that you are buying. Craigslist.org is a local community website. Anyone who does not want to meet you or if they do not want to let you see the merchandise first hand that you are buying then chose another seller.

    Are you looking for a work at home opportunity? While there are legitimate offers out there, be very careful about assembling items at home, envelope stuffing, medical transcriptions, and just about anything else that seems too good to be true. If it seems too good to be true it usually is. Do your homework before deciding on a work at home opportunity. Unless you are looking for a business opportunity like Tupperware or Avon, you should not have to put up any money for a work at home job. Be wary of commission only positions as well. If in doubt,  check with your state attorney general's office and the Better Business bureau. These entities are there to protect the consumer so you should make use of them. Neither agency will charge you for your request.

    Now that you know a little bit about how to protect yourself from fraud while making money on craogslist.org, remember to always keep these items in mind when dealing with someone you do not know. The idea is to make money, not to lose it. A little common sense will go a long way. So be careful and make sure that you know who you are dealing with and what you are getting into. You can always walk away from a deal. It may be difficult but it is preferable to losing a lot of money.


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    Maximum Exposure For Your Craigslist.org Ads

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  • Maximum Exposure For Your Craigslist.org Ads

    You have gone through the trouble of posting an ad or many ads to craigslist.org. The pictures are fabulous, there are great keywords in the title, and you have amazing ad copy. If nobody knows about these ads and if no one sees them then all of the effort you have put into them is for not. Here are some ideas for getting maximum exposure for your craigslist.org ads.

    The first thing you should do is to inform everyone you know about these ads. Send an email to everyone on your contact list. Tell all of your close friends a relatives. Make mention to it at all of your kids sporting and school events. Once you have the basic word of mouth and your close contacts informed, you must expand the areas that you promote your ad in.

    One place to promote your ad is on any listserves that you belong to. You can do this in several ways depending on this list's rules. Add a link to one of your ads as part of your email signature. This is one way to not only promote to lists, but to promote to everyone you contact as well. If the list allows posting of ads, then for sure post a link to every ad you have. The more exposure your ad receives, the faster your item will sell.

    Myspace.com is another place to get maximum exposure for your craigslist.org ad. Place a link for all of your ads out on your myspace page. Invite your myspace friends to look at your ads. This will put your craigslist.org ad out in front of many individuals.

    Don't forget about facebook.com when looking for maximum exposure for your craigslist.org ads. Keep all of the links to your ads updated so that everyone knows about them. Just like with myspace, be sure to let all of your facebook friends know about your craigslist.org ads. This way you can be sure that the work you put into making those ads effective was time well spent.

    Do you have an account with any of the other social websites like digg.com, dropjack.com or others like it? If so post a link to your ads. If not, why not open an account create some links. This is a very effective way to get more people to look at your ad.  It is very easy to sign up for these accounts and you can link to your ads in just a few minutes. It really is something you ought to try.

    Are you a blogger? Tell everyone at every blog site you visit about your terrific ads. Include a link to them in your posting where allowed to. Nothing can get the word out faster than sending it out to the internet for everyone to see.

    Finally, look to see if what you are selling answers a question that someone has posted to Yahoo Answers. Posting the link to your ad in a response to a question might bring you a sale. Even if a sale does not occur, you have a free link to your ad out on Yahoo!
    Now you know how to get maximum exposure for your craigslist.org ads. Even if you only use one or two of these techniques you are sure to generate a lot more traffic to your items for sale. None of these tactic will cost you a penny. This is truly free advertising. Take advantage of it. It only takes a just few minute of your time.


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  • There are many ideas for making money on cragislist.org.  some individuals promote their businesses. Others hold yard sales or advertise yard sales. Some sell cars and real estate. Want to know more about making money on craigslist.org?  Ideas for homeschoolers are discussed here.

    Making money on craigslist.org; ideas for homeschoolers. Homeschool families are unique. A parent needs to be home with the children in order to educate them. This does not mean that all homeschooling parents do not have two or more incomes. Many times a homeschool family will start their own business. Here are some ways that homeschool families can make money on craigslist.org

    Sell your used or unwanted curriculum, books and supplies. Every year it is the same thing. Your children need new curriculum and unless you have younger children who need it within the next year or two, you are better off selling it. You could wait for a curriculum fair or you could try to sell it on consignment at a local homeschool book store. However, to make top dollar for your items you need to sell them where there is no overhead. Consignment stores only pay you a small percentage of the items value. Curriculum sales charge you for the table and you are ties to that table for the day. If you have small children this can be an enormous challenge.

    This is where craigslist.org can offer you assistance. All you need to do is to take good pictures of your items, and list them for sale. You will be surprised at how many people you can reach through this website. List all of your books, supplies, software and curriculum and get back some of the money you have spent on these items. Many curriculum is not cheap. Homeschoolers shell out hundreds of dollars every year in school related items. Craigslist.org can help you sell the items quickly and without the hassle of being ties to a sale or waiting for a consignment check.

    There are other ways for homeschool families to make money on craigslist.org. Do you have a talent or knowledge that others may want to learn. Many people offer tutoring, music lessons, science classes, computer instruction, sewing and quilting classes and many other instructions as well. Why not look into offering a class or two at your homeschool. There are so many things you can teach. Putting your service out onto craigslist.org will bring in many more people than just a posting to a homeschool list or two. You don't have to limit yourself to only teaching homeschoolers. You can offer the classes when others who are traditionally schooled can attend. This way you expand your potential client base. This is how homeschoolers can bring in extra income while having a parent stay at home to teach the children. Even if you are juggling jobs and switch off during the day or if you work weekends and you spouse works during the week, you can still use craigslist.org to have a third income or to replace the second income so that your life is not as insane.
    Making money on craigslist.org; ideas for homeschoolers have been discussed in this article. Hopefully you have gleaned some good information and can put it to use. Adding a little extra cash to your bank account every month is certainly something we can all use, even if we do not homeschool.


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  • Ideas For Stay At Home Moms To Make Money On Craigslist.org

    There are many ideas for stay at home mom to make money on craigslist.org. From selling items in order to declutter your home, to promoting an affiliate marketing program, to offering classes for sale, you can make money on craigslist.org if you set your mind to it and think "outside the box".

    First of all, you have to decide what it is you want to do. It does not have to be just one thing, you can have a combination of projects working for you. There is no reason why you cannot sell your unwanted items and promote you affiliate program at the same time. You could also offer classes and then you would have 3 income streams from craigslist.org. Here is how to set this all in motion.

    Start by decluttering your home. Everyone has "stuff" that they do not want or need. Take really good photos of your items, write a great ad, and try to promote the links to your ads. This way people will know that you have items to sell. The best thing about this is the ads are free and it takes very little time to set them up. Not only will this put some cash in your bank account, it may return much needed closet space to you as well. This is just one of the many ideas for stay at home moms to make money on craigslist.org.

    Another way is to promote any affiliate business that you may have. You can put up samples and inventory for sale on craigslist.org. Many women sell Avon, Mary Kay, Usborne Books, Discovery Toys, Shaklee, Amway, etc. You can post notices of meetings for potential new recruits or you can sell discontinued items or just post ads for regular inventory sales. No matter how you look at it, craigslist.org can help you increase sales and possibly expand your "downline". All of this is for free, so it is a great idea to take advantage of it when you can.

    Offering classes, tutoring or babysitting services is another way to for a stay at home mom to make money on craigslist.org. Most moms can babysit. Many play piano or other instrument, sew, quilt, craft, paint, have degrees in science, math, English, a foreign language or other area. A stay at home mom can take advantage of these assets and turn them into income. Is there something you can offer? I am sure that there is.

    As you can see, perusing even one of these avenues of income can help you increase your bottom line. If you were to combine some or all of them, you might be able to earn a career level salary while staying at home. Two of the three option listed here require zero to minimal costs to setup. If you need to join an affiliate program, that will cost you some money. This article is not a recommendation for any particular program, it is just mentioning it as source of income from craigslist.org. As always, posting these ads to craigslist.org is free.

    There are many ideas for stay at home moms to make money on craigslist.org listed here. Hopefully some of these will be of interest to you. Then you can start generating some extra money today. With gas prices these days, every little bit of extra income helps.


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    Ideas For Selling Real Estate On Craigslist.org

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  • Ideas For Selling Real Estate On Craigslist.org

    You can sell real estate on Craigslist.org. It is legal and it can be a better way than using a realtor. Even if you have a broker, you can still use the power of Craigslist.org to promote the sale, just be sure to list your realtors contact information instead of yours. The following are some good ideas for selling real estate on Craigslist.org.

    Take really great pictures of the inside and outside of your home or property. Lighting and picture quality are everything. You are trying to attract a buyer. Write a spectacular ad. Get help if you need to and be sure that the ad is spell checked. Talk about the property in your ad as well as selling price and any special financing that might be offered such as owner financing. Owner financing, if you are in a position to do it always attracts a lot of buyers.

    You should start to get responses from the ad. If your realtor's contact information is out there call them daily and ask if anyone had contacted them and mentioned Craigslist.org. After 3 days, you may want to cancel your ad and relist it. This will keep your ad toward the top of the first page. Although any ad you place is good for 45 days, as the ad ages it drops to the bottom of the list. You want everyone to see your ad first.

    With the real estate market being what it is these days, you can expect to wait 3 months or more for a buyer. This is where Craigslist.org adds features that your realtor cannot offer you. Swapping real estate is becoming popular. This is where you need to move to another location and you are having a difficult time selling your home. You can post an ad in the city that you are looking to move to. Place the ad in the real estate section and have the headline read looking to swap home in this location for one in mine. Here is how it would look: "looking to swap home in Anytown, North State, USA for a like value home in Someplace, East State, USA" Be sure that you ad has a picture, several pictures are better. Then wait. This is a great way to unload properties in markets that you purchased to flip before the market turned. It might be easier for you to sell in a different market.

    Overall even though there is a slump in the real estate market in many regions of the US, there are still areas where property values are holding or still increasing. It might be possible for you to swap out a difficult to sell property for one in another location that is easier to sell.

    Use Craigslist.org to help your realtor sell your home quickly. It is another place to put free ads. If your realtor will not do it for you, then do it yourself. And finally, if you are selling your home as for sale by owner, listing on Craigslist.org is a must. There are very few places to list your real estate for sale that is free. On craigslist.org your ad will be seen by millions. Why not take a chance and use these ideas for selling real estate on craigslist.org. It may be just the thing to get your property sold!


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    Ideas For Promoting Your Business On Craigslist.org

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  • Ideas For Promoting Your Business On Craigslist.org

    Looking for ideas on promoting your business on craigslist.org? Then you have come to the right place. Craigslist.org is a community website. Here you can post almost any type of add for free. This includes business listings. On the internet, having the ability to post a business ad for free is a rare thing indeed.

    How can you promote your business on craigslist.org? First you have to sign up. If you have a valid email address, then you can register. It is that easy. Next you have to post an ad. Think about what your business does and then look at what you competition is doing. You can search the category for your business and see what others are posting. Write your ad and submit a photo if desired. Your ad will remain for 45 days however, you will want to manage your ads.

    Each ad you post is good for 45 days. As the ad ages, it drops toward the bottom of the page. Successful craigslist.org business promotion requires a little bit of time investment. Every 3 days you should delete and repost your ad. This will bring you to the top of the page again. Another way to promote your business is to place an ad in more than one category if your business warrants that. For example a lawn care company can post an ad for mowing, another ad for seeding, a third ad for landscape services, and possibly a fourth ad for mulching or tree/hedge trimming. As long as you do not place duplicate ads for the same exact service you can post as many ads as you like. Start with one ad, the next day post another one that is for a slightly different service, the third day post a third and so forth. If managed well, you will always have at least 7 ads running for your business. Managing them by deleting and reposting every 3 days will keep all 7 ads close to the top of the page. To make this process more streamlined, write the ads in a word processor like MS Word. When you post the ads to craigslist.org, cut and paste is all that is required. This saves a lot of time if there are a large number of ads running.

    When looking for ideas for promoting your business on craigslist.org, you may want to know what information to include in your ad. This is important and you can use this technique to increase the number of ads without violating the duplicate posting rules. Have an ad for you business. Be sure to include all pertinent information including a contact email or phone number, preferably both. Then, place a second ad. This ad will be a craigslist.org only special. You can write a coupon and make it look pretty using html or you can just use plain type. The coupon method is more eye catching when reading it, but potential customers don't see the coupon in the listing. It will not be seen until they click on your listing.

    Another area to be sure to get right is your headline. It can follow standard American English rules of capitalizing the first letter of every word, but do not write your title in all upper case. This will cause your ad to be rejected. To be sure that people see your ad, include important keywords in your title. If you are a plumber, your title could read something like "Reliable Plumber Fixes Clogged Sinks", or "XYZ Plumbing Replaces Waste Pipes". As a potential customer, when I search for a plumber, I will most likely use the terms plumber and sink in my search, if that is what my problem is.

    These are just a few ideas for promoting your business on craigslist.org. Give them a try and see if this free way to advertise your business to millions of visitors every day works for you.


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  • Ideas For Making Money With MLM Programs On Craigslist.org

    Need ideas for making money with MLM programs on craigslist.org? Craigslist.org does not allow the posting of affiliate marketing, link referral codes, and pyramid schemes. However you can promote your MLM business if you stay within the rules. Although craigslist.org does not have a specific category for MLM (Multi-level marketing) programs, you can still promote your business and recruit on craigslist.org if you follow the advice below.

    All legitimate MLM programs sell a product. It could be books, toys, lingerie, make up, home products and more. It does not matter. Craigslist.org has a category for anything your MLM program sells. The first order of business, post your ad for items for sale in the correct categories. Include pictures and contact information. You can even promote your webpage (if you have your own domain name, do not use your standard MLM link) by placing a "for more info" link in your sales ad. The ads are free so you should post as many as you can keep track of. Each ad should feature a different product so that you do not get into trouble with the duplicate ad / spam situation. Here is an ad that will be totally acceptable "Discovery Toys Game, X From Outer Space for Sale" or "Tupperware Tumbler Set For Sale – New"  Every 2-3 days, delete the ad and post a new one (even if it the same exact wording). Always list a quantity of 1. Just keep running the ad and responding to whoever inquires about the product. It is amazing how much product you can move this way. When you are in need of making those extra sales in order to qualify for contests or promotions, posting several products for sale for an entire month will give you a big boost. This may be what gets you to the next level. Management of your ad is important. You want to stay near the top of the page, so delete and repost often (no sooner than every 2 days). This is the first idea for making money with MLM programs on craigslist.org.

    The next idea is to promote your service. Many MLM companies offer a service as well as products. Many have fundraisers. Tupperware, Usborne Books, Discovery Toys are just a few. Promote your fundraiser. Post an ad for the fundraiser service.  Make sure that you have your contact information included. Again, if you have your own domain name, list your website for more information. There are no restrictions on offering bona fide products and services. As long as you are selling a tangible item or service you will not get in trouble for posting to craigslist.org. Here is an example of an ad that is acceptable "Fundraisers for your school or church selling educational books".  Posting your ad is free.

    You can use the marketing and sales positions wanted in the job opportunities, but you must be very careful on how you word these. Do not use the company's name. Instead be vague. Something such as: "Looking for energetic people for sales position, training provided, commission only. Full or Part-time". An ad like this will not get you into trouble. You are being honest about what you are promoting. Do your recruiting after you screen those who inquire.

    Hold a party! After all, many MLM's are party plans. Hold a party at your house and invite the entire community!. Post your event out to the community board and request that anyone interested RSVP by a certain date. You will be amazed at how large a group you will be able to get together this way. You can also post to the community about a marketing or sales seminar. Thinking outside the box for you MLM marketing will get you to the level you want to achieve. You just have to be different from everyone else.

    Overall, ideas for making money with MLM programs on craigslist.org abound. You just have to be careful not to step outside their rules and regulations. Keep the rules in mind and sell to your hearts content.


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  • Ideas For Making Money With Gardening On Craigslist.org

    You can make money on craigslist.org with gardening. If you love to garden and you end up with extra plants, then you should look into selling your excess gardening successes. Here are some ideas for making money with gardening on cragislist.org.

    You love to garden and every year you end up with more plants than you can use. Do you graft, layer, divide and over plant? Why not turn you excess successes into extra cash. It is easier than you might think. Here is what you will need to post your little garden gems onto craigslist.org. The first thing you need is a valid email address. It is required for you to register. Then you really need a digital camera. This is so that you can take great pictures of your plants. Have a really good title and a great description. You will need to manage your listings. As your listing gets older, it drops to the bottom of the list. If you want people to read your ad, every two days you should delete the ad and resubmit it. This will keep your ad near the top of the first page.

    What types of plants can you sell? You can sell your divided bulbs like daffodils, daylilies, and tulips. Iris can be divided when they out grow their space. Woody plants like rosemary can be layered and made into additional plants. This takes a little time, but it is worth it in the end. Those extra tomato and other vegetable plants are also good to sell. Just be sure to take really good pictures and include care instructions when you send them to their new homes.

    Do you have a greenhouse? Are you an orchid fan? Did you know that many orchids need a resting period every year in order for them to bloom properly? So do some cacti like the Christmas cactus. They need it dark for a few months every year in order to bloom at the correct time. You can "babysit" these plants and charge a fee to do it. This is another way to make money on craigslist.org with gardening.

    Do you have a knack for bonsai? Know how to put together beautiful container gardens? You can offer these services as either a class or you can become a personal gardener. Putting together a class is easier than you think. Many churches will give members use of one of their community rooms. Post the notice on craigslist.org and let everyone know about your class and the fees. Specify if the materials are included or if the participants must purchase supplies before class. This is another income stream that can be gleaned from cragislist.org.

    If classes are not your idea of fun why not write an e-book and sell it on craigslist.org. E-books cost next to nothing to produce and you can sell them for a rather large profit if you do the work yourself. Pick your favorite gardening topic and write about it. You can even produce a whole series on the care and planting of different types of plants. Other than a profit, by writing an e-book you become a published author. Many people will see you as an expert because you have a book. This is just another idea for making money with gardening on craigslist.org.

    There are just so many ideas for making money with gardening on craigslist.org that it would be impossible to list them all in this article. You could write an entire book on the subject. Hopefully some of these ideas appeal to you. You can combine a few of them to generate multiple income streams. This makes it easier to make money when one area slows down. E-books will keep you going with sales through the winter months. So will babysitting plants for people. Put these ideas to good use and see how fast you bank account starts to grow.


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  • Ideas For Making Money With An Adult Business On Craigslist.org

    Here are some ideas for making money with an adult business on cragslist.org. One of the reasons that craigslist.org should be monitored carefully if your child is out there, is because there are ads that contain adult content. Most of the ads that contain this material are listed under the adult category. The exception is the Best of Craigslist heading. This category contains everything, so keep the kids away. That said, let's look at ideas for making money with and adult business on Craigslist.org.

    What do we mean by adult business? This includes massage services, escorts services, strippers, adult shops that sell adult toys, part plans that sell adult toys, etc. This is what we are talking about when we refer to adult businesses.

    Now that we are all on the same page and understand what it is adults are selling, this is how to promote it. Unlike the rest of craigslist.org that requires only a valid email address to join, the adult category requires a valid phone number as well. Its really not a big deal, its just a requirement. Also, if it is possible that your business could in the least bit be illegal, do not post it. Law enforcement frequents these lists. Mostly they are looking for predators, and the exploitation of underage children. So truly be an adult and keep it legal.

    Should you post a picture? That is entirely up to you. What and who you photograph may make a huge difference in how many visits your ad receives. Also, some ads may not require a photograph. Its up to you, just no obvious porn is allowed.

    There are different categories in the adult classification. You will find them under services and then look for erotic. All of the erotic ads are grouped together. You will have to page through a lot of interesting titles in order to find what you are looking for. When you post your ad, You will want it to stand out. This may be more difficult than you think because of all of the other ads. Be sure to state exactly what you are offering. If it is toys, then say that. There are many massage ads, So the tactic of deleting and reporting every 2 days is crucial.

    If you are selling a product it is best to state that and see if there is another category you can fit into. Adult CD's and DVD's can be sold in that regular category. Adult toys probably should stay in the erotic services area.

    Generating traffic to your ad should not be a problem as the erotic area is a very popular one. The trick is how to get your ad to stand out from everyone else. Be sure to have good pictures as that always helps. If it is possible to photograph what you are selling you always are in a better position. Another technique is to have a great title. It has to catch someone attention. Find a way to make you title scream out above the others. Then write very interesting ad copy. Ads in this category that are really racy, funny or sexy get voted into the Best of Craigslist. This is where you want your ad to be. So try to get the best ad copy possible. It might even be worth your while to pay for someone to write the ad for you. These are just a few ideas for making money with an adult business on craigslist.org.

    You may want to know if all of this is legal. Yes it is. You can post any legal business in this category. Just be aware that law enforcement lurks out there and craigslist.org will gladly cooperate in any investigation. It is in your best interest to make sure that you keep it legal. We all like to have fun, but there are rules. These ideas for making money with an adult business on craigslist.org are just the tip of the iceberg. You can think of many other ways to get your ad to stand out. The more creative your are, the better your chances of making money will be.


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  • Ideas For Making Money With A Furniture Business On Craigslist.org

    Need some ideas for making money with a furniture business on craigslist.org? There are many ways to make money with furniture. Some people sell antiques. Others sell overstocks from their stores. Still some buy used pieces or pick them up for free and then clean them up and resell them for a profit. No matter what type of business you run, you will find ideas for making money with a furniture business on craigslist.org.

    Let's look at antiques. You can run part of your antique furniture business on craigslist.org. All it takes is for you to sign up, list your items and respond to buyers. With antiques, it is very important that you take really excellent pictures of the items. Then in your ad, be sure to list any identifying marks or makers. Anything that will let your buyers know that this is a genuine item is important to include. Also, if there are any obvious repairs or alterations from the original it is important to list those flaws as well. If you are honest, repeat business will come. Are you an expert in antique furniture? Are you an appraiser as well as a collector? If so, you can offer your appraisal services as well. This will always bring in extra income as many people are curious to know what their family heirlooms are worth.

    Do you have a furniture store and need to get rid of excess inventory? Whether you sell new or used or both types of furniture, craigslist.org is where you can find buyers that your store may not otherwise attract. Sometimes people will only look in certain places for the things they want. Furniture is one of those items. The ads are free, and customers can come and get the furniture. Unlike auction sites where you are responsible for shipping large bulky items like furniture, craigslist.org buyers come and pickup their items. This is a big savings in time and money for you. Another option for you, especially if you have a used furniture store, is to take items for sale on consignment. This can bring in some added income as you take a percentage of the sale as a fee for providing the outlet for the person to sell in. It never hurts to try to expand your business into something that is multifaceted.

    Another way that people make money with a furniture business on craigslist.org is with the refurbishing of old furniture and reselling it. If you know how to clean upholstery, repair and reupholster furniture, and refinish wood and veneer, you can make a decent living just on craigslist.org. Many of these items can be found in the free section of craigslist.org or on other websites as well. Furniture can be purchased very inexpensively at thrift shops or at rental facility auctions. These items usually need a good cleaning. Some may need the wood refinished or the veneer replaced or repaired. The simpler the repair or task, the more money you can make. However, sometimes a total restoration is needed. These are the items that you may need to sell through another venue. After you refurbish your items, take great pictures and write your ad. Submit the ad and wait for the replies. Another option for you, which is great when furniture is not selling well, is to offer furniture and upholstery cleaning and repair services. This can supplement the furniture sales and it keeps your business well rounded. Sometimes there will be slumps in furniture sales and that may be the time that the repair business will start to pickup. Either way, you can earn a good living repairing, and buying and selling furniture.

    Overall there are so many ideas for making money with a furniture business on craigslist.org. We have only just started to scratch the surface. Maybe one or two of these ideas will work for you. Perhaps you can combine a few to really give your online business a jump start. Hopefully this article supplied you with an idea or two that you can use.

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  • Ideas For Making Money With A Cyber Yard Sale On Craigslist.org

    You have a lot of items you want to get rid of or sell. The idea of a yard sale or moving sale does not appeal to you because you do not want to give up your weekend to sell your items. Auction sites on the web will not work for some of your items as you would like to sell larger things that are not easily shipped. They can also be expensive if the items do not sell. The ideal place for you would be a free website that has enough traffic to make it worth your while. Craigslist.org is what you are looking for. Chances are you are close to one of the 450 areas that this website covers. Here are some ideas for making money with a cyber yard sale on craiglsist.org.

    The first step is to take great photographs of all of your items. A digital camera is the best way, but if you only have a 35mm or APS camera that is ok too. Just have the place where you get the film developed put the images on to a CD for you. Then write your ads. Use a good title with a keyword that will get it noticed. If you are selling vintage dinning room chairs, then in your title say "Vintage Dinning Room Chairs". This way, your ad will attract only the buyers that are looking for vintage chairs; not someone who is looking for a rocking chair. Your final step is to write a really good descriptive ad for your item. Be sure to include any flaws your items may have and if they are new state that. If they are used also state that. The price of the item should be clearly noted. Craigslist.org will protect your privacy. You can have all emails forwarded to you through their system. Your email address is not posted for all to see. Now that you have your ad written, do the same for every item you wish to sell.

    Getting your ads posted is easy. All it takes is a valid email address to register. It is always free on craigslist.org. Once your ads are posted, you will have to manage them. Every ad you post is valid for 45 days. What is not told to you though is that as your ad gets older, it drops to the bottom of the listings. In order to keep your ad toward the top of the first page, you must delete and repost every 2-3 days. By doing this your ad will be visible to all. A lot of people searching for items do not search past the first page. If you have many items for sale and do not think you will be able to keep up with deleting and reposting in this time frame, then think about posting fewer items at a time, if you can. This way there is less to manage.

    The advantages of selling your items in a cyber yard sale on craigslist.org are numerous. You do not have to depend on the weather. Traditional yard sales, no matter how well planned are at the mercy of the weather, unless you wish to bring it indoors. Another advantage is that you post and manage the ads, and then wait for responses. You do not lose an entire day or two. Finally, there is a greater level of security for you when using craigslist.org. Instead of advertising a yard sale with your address, everything is kept private and only interested individuals are given your contact information. You decide who you are going to sell to. This eliminates those who "browse" yard sales. Some of these browsing individuals may have ulterior motives.

    Hopefully these ideas for making money with a cyber yard sale on craigslist.org have helped you. The internet has opened up a whole new way of turning our unwanted items into cash. Craigslist.org is a free way to get your unwanted items for sale in front of millions of visitors from your area. Many people are realizing how valuable an asset like this can be. With time becoming a rare commodity, why not use craigslist.org for your next yard sale. This way you can get to your kids baseball game without a conflict.


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  • Ideas For Making Money Selling Automobiles On Craigslist.org

    Where can you post your ad to sell your automobile, have it seen by millions of visitors, and not pay for the ad? The answer is Craigslist.org. Using Craigslist.org to sell your car or truck is a very good idea. Other ad sites cost money and many print ads are expensive. In addition, the print ads cannot reproduce pictures well. Overall, if you are looking to sell your car or truck you should try posting an ad on Craigslist.org. Here are some ideas for making money selling automobiles on craigslist.org.

    First get your car washed and detailed. Shine the tires, clean the interior, polish the glass and chrome. Make sure it is vacuumed out and all leather and vinyl are cleaned with a shine and protestant such as Armor All. Now you are ready to take your photos. Be sure that the photos are clear and really make the car look good. Then write a killer ad. Be sure to list all of the extras. Then post your ad. Follow up to all emails promptly. Every three days, cancel the ad and submit a new one. This will keep your ad toward the top of the list where more people are likely to see it. A good ad with great pictures kept on the first page will sell quickly.

    You can buy cars on Craigslist.org too. If you are handy and know a little bit on how to fix cars and make them look good and run well, then you can make money selling automobiles on Craiglist.org. Here is how. Buy a car well below blue book value. Perhaps it needs some minor work or it may need paint. Be sure you understand what you are getting into. Purchase the car, fix it and then resell it for a profit. If you are smart and keep track of your costs you can do very well with reselling just one car a month. It does not have to be newer cars, although they are sometimes easier to sell than classic ones. The process to get this automobile ready for sale is the same as for the first one. Make sure it is very clean and polished. Take great pictures of it and write a killer ad. Use the same three day rule as above. Set a goal for one car per month and you will be amazed at how fast you can start making money in your spare time.

    You can also sell parts for automobiles on Craigslist.org. Once you start fixing up cars you may replace older parts for new. Why not sell off those extra parts to bring in a little more cash? Those old parts, especially original ones are in demand by many collectors. Take detailed photos of the parts for nest sales results. This is just another idea for making money selling automobiles on Craigslist.org.

    There you have it. All of these ideas for making money selling automobiles on Craigslist.org are right here. How to buy and resell cars, sell off extra unwanted parts, placing ads and how to manage your ad have all been reviewed. Why not try selling your next auto on Craigslist.org it may sell faster and for more money than you ever imagined. The best part of it is the listing is always free!


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  • Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist.org Using Help Wanted Ads

    There are many ideas for making money on craigslist.org. Some of them range from common sense to the extreme. You could create a book on this topic. Let's focus on ideas for making money on craigslist.org using help wanted ads.

    There are actually several ways to make money on craigslist.org using the help wanted ads. The first is the most obvious. You can look for a job. It is one way to make money on craigslist.org. Browsing through the help wanted ads may bring in an employment opportunity or two. There are employers who have caught on that posting ads for employment here work, and the big plus is that the ads are free. A business looking for local candidates that do not want the head hunters bothering them can post an ad on craigslist.org. Browsing these ads will help you locate either a permanent or part-time job. This is one of the many ideas for making money on craigslist.org using help wanted ads.

    Another way to use these ads is to find a way to pick up some extra income. There is a "short term gig" category. There you will find a lot of ads for bands, and freelance work. If you have a job or if you are a stay at home parent; here is a way to pickup some extra cash. Many of these freelance positions will allow you to telecommute or work from home. You can take on more than one job at a time and make a decent living. There are more and more people looking for legitimate extra income. Taking on a freelance project or two every month is a terrific way to add money to your bank account without having to commit to a second part-time or full time job.  This option is a great idea for employers and freelancers because the positions are local and the posting is free.

    The help wanted ads on craigslist.org can also be used for business promotion. As long as you are legitimately posting an ad for employment, you can make sure that your business name and website are included in the ad. Including your business name and website sill give your business free exposure. You may get increased calls, most likely from head hunters, but that is a trade off you will have to decide on. Promoting your business this way, posting the ad on craigslist.org and linking to your company's website will drive traffic to your site. Include a page for them to read more specific details about the job and the qualifications and everyone who is interested in the position will click on the link. It is a round about way to drive visitors to your site. If one of your business goals is to increase traffic to your website, then using this technique will help you reach your goal. You can post in the help wanted and in the short term gig categories, thus doubling your exposure. Generating traffic to your website for free is always a great find.

    These are just of few ideas for making money on craigslist.org using the help wanted ads. Browsing through them you will see how others are also using this category of ads to help them make money. Everyone can use some extra cash in their pockets. Why not take a look and see if any of these ideas will help you make some extra money.

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  • Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist.org – The Basics

    There are many ideas for making money on Craigslist.org. The basics are getting your listing out there, however there is a little more to it than that. Let's see how we can make out ads really work well for us by using a few simple strategies.

    First of all there is the basic listing. Before you can list anything you need to have a craigslist.org account. This is easy to do. If you have a valid email address you can get an account. You will need to enter your email address and then type in the scrambled letters and hit enter. Then you care ready to post. Go to any category and choose post. A list of categories will appear. Then choose the one that best suits your item. At the next screen, type in the title of your ad. Avoid all caps. Then add the text to the body of the ad.  Finally you can add a picture if you like. There is an option to keep your email private and to decline offers from others. This is how you enter an item for sale.

    If you are looking to post a job, the process is basically the same. Choose what you want to post; enter a title, a description and details about payment. Then hit the enter button. You'll have to pass the human check by entering in the scrambled letters.

    There are plenty of opportunities to make money on this website. Here are some ideas for making money on craigslist.org. Post an ad for your business. Every business can use promoting why not promote yours for free. You can add a picture, type a description or make a craigslist.org only offer to anyone viewing the ad.

    Another way is to sell and resell items. You can pick up free items on craigslist.org. Let's take furniture for example. You can get free furniture, clean it up and repair it. Then sell it for a profit. No listing fees, no delivery charges. It's a great way to make some extra money. You can do this over and over again.

    Have a service to offer? Craigslist.org is a way to get more customers. Whether you tutor math, offer music lessons, babysit, walk dogs, clean houses, or what ever there is a place for you to offer your services to those in your city. All other city websites charge you for this service. At craigslist.org it is free.

    What are you looking for? I am sure you will find it on craigslist.org. You can find craft materials for your arts and crafts business. Need a camera to take digital pictures, its there. Want a guitar so you and your buds can jam on the weekends? You got it, guitars are there too. Buy, sell, offer services, and promote your business. Who needs the other pay for listing websites? Craigslist.org has it all covered with no fees and no advertising.

    These are just some of the ideas for making money on craigslist.org. I am sure that there are many more. With such a flexible and easy to use community website, you can't go wrong. It is impossible to lose money as the listings do not cost you anything. There is nothing else like it on the web. With everything that this site happens to offer, how can you go wrong?


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  • What started out as a simple idea in 1995 has grown into an incredible website. Based on the idea that there are things that should be free; craigslist.org was born. Craig's idea, that everyone can get together, sell their stuff and socialize, without commercial intervention has grown into one of the best run websites in the San Francisco area – at least that what his website claims.

    So how do you as an individual take this "vision" and use it to make money? It's simple. Follow the posted guidelines about what you can and cannot list for sale, learn to take great pictures and write good ad copy and sell your stuff for free. The nice thing is that free really means free. On Craigslist.org you will not be bombarded by banner ads, or links to adwords websites. It is strictly for the use of socializing, buying and selling, and looking for a job. A savvy individual can make some money on Craigslist.org if they stick to the rules.

    Here are the rules. No spam, no threats, no animals for sale (adoption fees are ok), no weapons. You cannot violate copyright laws. That is it in a nutshell. There are not a lot of rules to work around so posting an item for sale is actually pretty easy.

    Here is how to list your item. Choose a city - there are 450 for you to select from.  Then find a category, write the ad, upload a picture and post it. That is all there is to posting an ad for sale. If you are interested in posting a job, you can do this for free also, except in 10 cities which there is a small fee. Rentals in New York City are also listed for a fee. In addition you can post ads for your business in the same way. There are so many ways to come up with ideas for making money on Craigslist.org that they cannot all be listed here.

    Here are some facts about Craigslist.org. Although it was originally set up as a non-profit, in 1999 the company's status changed to a for profit organization. The ORG extension was kept as a symbol of what the list is supposed to be. Income for the site is generated by charging for job postings in 10 cities and for apartment listings in New York City. The current CEO is Jim Buckmaster. He has been in this position since 2000. Craig Newmark is still with the company in customer service. In 2004 eBay acquired 25% of Craigslist.org.

    Craig Newmark's little bulletin board has evolved from a list of a few cool spots into a venue for millions of people to make money without paying fees. Craigslist.org is not only a buying and selling venue but a social site as well. You can go straight out to the website and get money making ideas right there.

    Now you know a little bit about Craigslist.org and how it evolved into what it is today. There are more ways to make money on Craigslist.org than on any other website. It is still the only website where you can sell items, post information about your business and check out what is going on in your city. Hat's off to Craig Newmark and his great little idea!  


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    Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist.org

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  • Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist.org

    Craigslist.org is an interesting website dedicated to bringing buyers and sellers together. There are no fees to join craigslist.org. Anyone can join. All that is required is a valid email address. You can make money selling items on this website. The dynamics are very different than on auction sites. Craigslist.org is more like a free classified ad website on steroids. Everything can be found here from dating to items for sale to services offered. Here are some ideas for making money on Craigslist.org.

    First see what is listed in the category of items you want to sell. You can post an add for just about anything on Craigslist.org. Businesses post ads for services and products, individuals sell cars, real estate, jewelry, musical instruments and more. There is even a portion of the website for free items and a place to list yard sales. Once you have an idea of what people are selling write an ad, take a photo of your item and list it.

    Decide on what it is you want to sell. Good choices are furniture, car parts, arts and crafts items, baby items and pet items. Take really great pictures and list the items in the correct category. It pays to take the time to write a good ad. Make sure you spell check it. Nothing looks less professional than an ad with poor spelling. Your ad is good for 45 days but you may want to relist it more often.

    Make sure that you follow up with all inquiries. After a week, you may want to cancel your ads and relist them so that your ad remains near the top. As your ad ages, it drops down toward the bottom of the page. If it is a popular category, it may drop off to a second or third page. This is why you should keep renewing your ad no less than every 7 days.

    Promote your ad offsite. Link to them in your emails and tell everyone you know about your Craigslist.org listing. This will ensure that your ad gets lots of views. Therefore the item is more likely to sell. Another strategy is to list different items in many categories. The more items you have to sell, the more likely that someone will make a purchase. These are just a few ideas for making money on Craigslist.org.

    You can combine selling items on Craigslist.org with other websites. Use online auctions for smaller items that are easily shipped. Use Craiglsist.org for large items like furniture, car parts, large toys and electronics. Have the buyers come and pickup their items. You should not have to be responsible for shipping. It is assumed that the buyers will pickup on Craigslist.org.

    You can actually use only Craigslist.org to make money. Check out their free and yard sale links. Purchase and fix up furniture, small appliances, and lawn mowers. Once these items are refurbishes you can sell them for a profit. It is easy to think up many ways to make money on Craigslist.org.

    These are just a few ideas for making money on Craigslist.org. I am sure that you can think up many more. Why not log on and see what people in your town are doing. Perhaps you can start up a sideline business for little or no money following the ideas in this article.


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    Ideas For Kids Making Money On Craigslist.org

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  • Ideas For Kids Making Money On Craigslist.org

    Although craiglsist.org is meant to be for those who are 18 and older, there is nothing stopping children from using craigslist.org. My advice to parents is to supervise to be sure that certain areas of craigslist.org is not visited by minors. That said there are opportunities for everyone to make money. Here are some ideas for kids making money on craigslist.org.

    If your child is over the age of 13, have them take a Red Cross babysitting course. This will certify them as a babysitter and they will have the knowledge at hand to handle emergencies should one occur. There are many avenues to advertise on craigslist.org and putting out an ad for babysitting is one way that older kids can make money. Be careful and make sure you know the person that your child is going to sit for. Ask to meet them first, at their home. You want to be sure that the opportunity is legit and you also want to be sure that your child is safe. If in doubt, ask them to have your child babysit in your home. There is no reason to compromise anyone's safety just for a few bucks.

    Your older child or teen can do very well for themselves in the small appliance or small engine repair fields. This is a great way for them to bring in some extra money, learn about small engines and appliances and teach them the value of self employment.

    Small electronics like PDA's. cell phones, smart phones like the Blackberry and Treo's, iPods and other devices like it can be picked up for free or almost at no cost if they are not working. Have your child get a few, and see if the can find a repair manual online. By taking the parts from on and putting them into another your child will learn how these devices work. Once they are able to consistently fix these, they will have a great business going. Most of the problems with these devices are that the battery needs replacing or the screen has broken. A simple fix with a free part and they can make a lot of cash very quickly.

    Computer repair is a great hobby for teens to get into. Again non working units are easily obtained for almost no cost at all. Building running units from non working ones is always fun and it can be very profitable.

    Other ideas for kids making money on craigslist.org include looking at the job postings. This is especially true in the summer when teens can work at camps and local pools and beaches. Summer employment is a good teacher for them. They get to understand what it takes to hold a job and they will learn money as well.

    Craigslist.org is not suited toward young children. If your children are under the age of 13 then let them help you with whatever business you may be involved in, but do not expect them to be able to run one by themselves. There is too much risk involved from a personal safety perspective to allow youngsters access to craigslist.org. Keep the little ones safe and let them help you until they are old enough to understand a little more about how a business should run.

    There are so many ways to make money on craigslist.org. As an adult you can help your older child start to build a part-time business that will help pay for their college education and put spending money in their pockets. A part-time business will teach them responsibility and give them a sense of accomplishment. There is no better teacher than life experience and with your guidance their first venture into self employment can be a great experience for them. These are just a few ideas for kids making money on craigslist.org. Take a look at them and see if any will be suitable for you child.


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    Finding Deals On Craigslist.org

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  • Finding Deals On Craigslist.org

    There are many ways to finding deals on craigslist.org. You must understand the market of the items you are looking for before you can decide if something is a good deal or not. You also have to know where to look for items, and know how and when to negotiate. If you keep your eyes open there are plenty of deals to be had on craigslist.org.

    The first place to look is the free area. If you are into furniture and other freebies this is where you need to look. Check this category everyday. Go back through several pages until you see ads that you know were posted a while ago. Then you know that you have gone through all of the recent stuff. Most of the older ads have had the items given away, the owner just never bothered to delete the ad. Don't bother with anything more than a week or two old unless it is something that you really want. Hopefully it will still be available.

    After searching through the free area, start looking in the categories that interest you. Go through each category very carefully. If there are no deals today there will be more tomorrow. Don't get caught up in I have to have it now. You will not get as good a deal as you should if you do this.

    When you find something you like send an email to the address listed in the ad. Let them know you are interested and ask for more information. Then see if you can bargain. Sometimes you can and sometimes it is not possible. Although stolen goods are not supposed to be sold on craigslist.org, ask if they are the owner of the item. If they are not, don't buy it. Falling for the "my boyfriend told me to sell his 1968 Gibson guitar for him for $300" is most likely untrue. A 1968 Gibson in playable condition should sell in the thousands.

    Knowing your market is important. If you are knowledgeable about your category you will be less likely to get ripped off. Knowing the market is important. You will pay too much for an item if you do not know how much it should sell for. Likewise,  you  cannot tell if it is a good deal if you do not know your pricing. Here is another tip. Understand the items. If you collect Limoges boxes, you should know what to look for and how to spot a fake. The hinges need to be a certain way, there are only certain marks for the legitimate Limoges producers. Unfortunately, porcelain and ceramics are easily forged so you need to be sure of what you are buying. This is where the local community comes into play on craigslist.org. The ability to actually view the item up close before you buy is crucial to getting a good deal. If the seller will not allow you to do this, find someone else to buy from.

    Never be so desperate to buy something that you cannot walk away from a purchase. If you do not feel that this purchase is the right thing to do, then walk away from it. Trust your gut feelings and you will not get ripped off. Keep in mind that you are looking for the best deal possible and unless you are searching for a very rare antique, there will be other opportunities to buy this item from someone else. The trick to always getting a good deal is to only purchase from reputable people. A good seller will not pressure you to buy their item.

    Finding deals on craigslist.org is easy to do. You must spend a little time to research the category that you want to make your purchase in. If it is antique dolls then be sure to read a book or two and know who the top manufacturers are. For example in antique dolls Madame Alexander is a quality name. Expect to pay well for an older doll, but knowing what the dolls are worth will enable you to know if a deal is good, or if it is too good and you should question the authenticity of the item. Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware is always a good thing to remember. Finding deals on craigslist.org is fairly easy, you just have to know how to look for them.


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    Disadvantages Of Using Craigslist.org To Make Money

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  • Disadvantages Of Using Craigslist.org To Make Money

    There are disadvantages to using craigslist.org to make money. Although it can be done, and the chance of actually losing money is limited, craigslist.org only reaches a small percentage of customers. This is fine if what you are doing is limited to your location, however if you are selling products, this is a very limited area to do so.

    The first disadvantage of using craigslist.org to make money is reach. Although millions of people visit this website, all of those visitors are distributed among 450 locations. This is where craigslist.org is lacking. You are not supposed to post your ad in more than one location at a time. If you are selling widgets, and you want to sell a lot of widgets to everyone, everywhere, then craigslist.org will be very limiting to you.

    Another disadvantage of using craigslist.org to make money is that there is no protection for the seller. Many auction sites have procedures in place to make sure that both the buyer and seller are protected from unscrupulous individuals. Craigslist.org has no such protections. You make contact with a potential buyer or seller and hope that they will not rip you off. You do not know if they are legitimate or not and you have no idea if they are a dangerous criminal  or not. Online auction sites remove the person interaction by means of shipping the item to a location. On craigslist.org you usually have to either have a buyer come to your home, go to a seller's location or meet in a public place somewhere. Meeting someone is fine if the item is small. However if you are selling a projection TV, it may be more difficult to get it to the local diner.

    Craigslist.org does post a notice explaining how to keep safe from fraud. Their intentions are well meant and in this case you get what you pay for. Craigslist.org is free. Most auction sites have fees. In this case it seems that you are paying for an additional level of safety and security. On an auction website there is recourse if someone passes you a bad check or if someone offers to pay you via PayPal and then reverses the payment. With cragislist.org there is recourse only through law enforcement for a bad check or through PayPal. Your chances of recovering payment is not good. You will be out the money and the product.

    Another problem with craigslist.org is if you are trying to promote your business. There are many businesses that will keep reporting your ad as being in violation of craigslists.org's rules and regulations or that it is spam or even that it infringes on some else's copyright. In certain categories it can be nearly impossible for a new business to post an ad. For example, posting an ad for carpet cleaning services in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area can be next to impossible. I know of one particular company that finally had to contact Craig Newmark directly in order to get a problem resolved.

    Now that you know all about the disadvantages of using craigslist.org to make money you can decide for yourself if it is worth it. Although the ad is free it takes a lot of time to write, post and constantly delete and repost your ad so that it stays on the front page. Is it worth it? Only you can decide for yourself.


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    Can You Make Money On Craigslist.org

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  • Can You Make Money On Craigslist.org

    People ask the question all of the time "can you make money on craigslist.org"?  The answer is you can. All it takes is some time and ad management and you can make money just like anyone else.

    Here are some tips that you may not be aware of. These should help you to make money if your ads were not as effective as you would have liked them to be. Your ad is good for 45 days. Everyday that your ad appears it is listed lower on the page. This is because new ads get top priority. In some categories, a single vendor will post multiple ads. This is fine as long as they are not for the same business, product, or service. If they are, mark them as spam. It is the only way that you will get it to stop. If you sell jewelry, you can post an ad for a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, a pendent, a brooch, a watch, a jewelry box, earrings, and an ankle bracelet all in the same day. They are all different products. You will have close to the top nine spots on the page the day you enter them, especially if you add all of the ads one after the other. Now you wait two days, delete those ads and re-enter them. They are returned back to the top positions. You cannot do this any more frequent than every 48 hours. If you do, you will run into problems, so no sooner than ever two days.

    Add a picture or multiple pictures to your ad. Pictures tell a thousand words and this is true. You will get more interest if your ad has a picture of the product. Use an actual photograph of your product, not some stock photo off of the internet. This will build trust in the potential buyer and it will generate more interest.

    Respond to all inquiries promptly. Even if you think that the person is not really interested, you never know for sure. Follow up with everyone who responds to your ad. The one person you decide not to get back to is the one who will actual want to buy your item.

    Write a clear and concise advertisement. Your headline should have the keyword for what you are selling. The body of the ad should be very descriptive and easy to read. If you use html to enhance your ad, do not go crazy with font colors and weird background colors. Red on blue is horribly difficult to read, people who are color blind cannot see that color combination so the text and the background will merge together. Orange and purple or yellow and purple are not good either. There is nothing wrong with a plain white background. Add a border if you want to make it fancy. Text can be changed from black however keep these things in mind. Bright colors like shocking blues and greens are hard on the eyes. Yellow can be difficult to see on a white background. Red makes you appear untrustworthy. Dark green and dark blue are good choices, but stick to forest green or navy blue. Dark brown is also a good choice.

    Finally you want to promote your ad. Have a link to your ad in all of your email signatures. Tell everyone about your ad. The best ad in the world cannot sell a product if nobody sees it.

    Yes you can make money on craigslist.org. It takes a talent for good ad writing, good photography, and some planning. Making sure that your ads are managed well and that they are posted, deleted and reposted every two days is critical. Having a good looking ad is also extremely important. If your ad is difficult to read or understand then nobody is going to buy from you. Make sure that your photograph portrays your item in the best possible way. Combining all of these items into a single ad campaign is important to getting your item sold.


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    Best Of Craigslist.org

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  • Best Of Craigslist.org

    The Best of Craigslist.org is a list of ads that the community of craiglist.org has voted as the best. You will find a mix of all sorts of ads in this category. It is not for children to view at all. If you want are looking for your ad to be read a lot, then try to get it voted into the Best of Criagslist.org. Here is how you can accomplish this.

    First of all you need a great ad. It should be funny, amusing, or perhaps obnoxious but it really has to stand out from all of the others. The other requirement is that you need to get a lot of traffic to view that ad.

    How do you generate that kind of traffic? The best plan works like this, you need word of mouth, email and links all pointing to your ad. Here is how to get this done.

    Word of mouth:
    This is an easy concept tell everyone you know to go and look at your ad. Then ask them to tell everyone they know. Explain to them that you are looking to get into the Best of Craigslist.org and you need their help. Your friends should want to help you, especially when it does not cost them anything. Remind them daily to vote your ad in.

    This is somewhat easier because you are in charge of it. Change you email signature to include the link to your craiglist.org ad. Have it look like this Your Name then the text "please click on this link to vote my ad into the Best of Craigslist.org" <LINK GOES HERE>. Another effective email technique is if you know someone who loves to send out email. Have them send out as many emails as they can with your ad linked in it. These techniques combined with the word of mouth campaign should help tremendously toward getting your ad into the Best of Craigslist.org.

    This is a little more difficult but it can be effective. Everywhere you blog, exchange links, post links, submit articles and the like, be sure to ad a link to your ad. Places like digg.com and other social websites are a great place to do this. Look to see if you can get you ad link posted on Yahoo! Answers. It is easy, just as the question "do you think this should be in the Best of Craigslist.org? If so, click on the link and vote for it". This should bring you closer to getting voted in.

    If you really want to get in you ad cannot be the usual Ford F-150 for sale, need work, $1000 OBO. That will never get in. The ad has to be funny or have some weird twist to it. A better way to have the same ad would be: Need to sell my beloved truck. This is a rare 1980 Ford F-150. My first born was conceived and delivered in the bed of this beauty. I hate to see it go, but I need to make my mortgage payment. Please come and give 'er a good home. I'll miss it but I need to keep my house. It's a steal at $1500.00. Bring tissues, I may cry when it leaves. This is the type of ad that will make it into the Best of Craigslist.org.

    Overall you have to combine a massive ad campaign for your ad in order for it to get into the Best of Craigslist.org. The ad has to have some entertainment value, and you have to let everyone know about it. This is accomplished through emails, word of mouth, blog postings, link exchanges, and any other way you can think of to get people to look and vote for your ad. Without this massive ad campaign it is extremely difficult to get voted in unless your ad it so out there that everyone just has to read it. This is how ads get into the Best of Craigslist.org.


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    Bartering on Craigslist.org

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  • Bartering on Craigslist.org

    Instead of trading a product or service for cash, why not consider barter. Although bartering will not pay your bills, you can get really great services by trading with someone else. Here is an overview of bartering on craigslist.org.

    Bartering, the act of trading a product or service for another product or service is the oldest type of trade. It predates money. Long ago we figured out that we can trade what we have an abundance of for what we are lacking. This is barter in its purest form.

    Now lets jump into the twenty first century. There is a website called craigslist.org. On this site you can barter. What can you barter, anything that is legal for any that is legal. It really is that simple. So, how can this work for you?

    For example, let's say you need a new roof but its out of your budget right now. You work as an accountant. You go out to the barter category on craigslist.org and you place an ad, looking to barter accounting services for a new roof. Then you write out the details in your ad. Make sure that you explain how large a roof you have and how many hours of accounting service you will be offering. It is really important that you make this very clear. Otherwise there will be problems along the way.

    Just like any other transaction, be sure to check out the other party. The last thing that you want is to have your roof left half done. Even if you refuse to perform anymore accounting, you still have a half finished roof and it will leak if it is not fixed immediately. So be careful that you only deal with reputable people.

    You will need to be flexible in your terms. Don't give away the store, so to speak but be prepared to negotiate a little bit. I know people who have traded life coaching for writing, tae kwon do lessons for maid service, accounting services for day care, the list goes on. There is a whole lot of bartering that occurs. It is a way to get things you need, without having to shell out cash.

    No cash, but in reality you are asking for someone to give you something of value in exchange for you to give them something of equal value. If you look at the cash value of what is being bartered it should work out to be equal. If not, then adjustments have to be made. This way it is fair to all of the parties involved.
    Be sure to keep it even and everyone should stay happy. Another caveat is to be sure that the terms of the barter are spelled out very clearly. There should be no guesswork involved and both parties should sign the agreement and keep a copy of it. This way if a dispute arises there is no question as to what was offered and agreed upon.

    Bartering on craigslist.org is something that can be very beneficial to both parties if it is handled correctly. Don't ask for the sun and only give a little. If your ad is ridiculous no one will respond. If it is fair then you should get many responses. Remaining open to negotiation and staying flexible in your terms is the best way to successfully barter on craigslist.org. Remember to keep your listing current. This way you will not be pushed down to the bottom of the page. Deleting and re-entering your ad is what you should do every 2 days so that it can be seen by all.

    Hopefully this overview has given you insight into the world of bartering. On craigslist.org you can barter for just about anything. Keep in mind what you are able to offer and you can find some amazing deals that will not set you back monetarily. Perhaps our forefathers really knew what they were doing.


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    Bartering Versus Selling On Craigslist.org

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  • Bartering Versus Selling On Craigslist.org

    Bartering versus selling on craigslist.org is an interesting debate. Should you sell or should you barter. Is one really better than the other? Is there a better change of not getting ripped off if cash is involved? How do you know which is best for you?

    Wow – that is a lot of questions. First lets look at the main difference between bartering and selling. Bartering is the exchange of goods or services for an equal exchange of goods or services. There is no cash involved in a barter transaction. It is the oldest form of trade and it predates money. Selling is the exchange of goods or services for cash. This is a newer concept as far as civilization is concerned.

    Many people do not fully understand bartering and that is when they get into trouble. You need to really understand equal value for equal value. If you need a roof and it should cost $2500 and you want to barter for services like accounting then you need to be prepared to offer $2500 in accounting services. This is how bartering works. The best way to be sure that everything goes as agreed upon in to get a written contract for the barter drawn up. Everyone gets a copy and there is written documentation of what is expected from both parties. Putting it in writing is the best way to barter these days. A handshake is not enough to resolve a dispute.

    Selling we are all familiar with. You have something another person wants. They give you money, you give them the item or service. It is simple, it is what we understand best, and it too can have disputes arise. Usually there is no written contract.

    Before you enter into any form of transaction on craigslist.org you must understand that unlike some auction sites, there is no safe harbor. Buyer and seller protection does not exist. Sellers and Buyers are not verified, certified etc. Craigslist.org does not get involved in any way shape or form in the transaction. This is important to know as they will not help you in a dispute.

    Knowing that you are on your own in a transaction, you should be sure that you are comfortable with the other party. It does not matter if it is a barter or a sale. You must know and understand the terms of the transaction. If you are unfamiliar with how bartering works, then you should read about it and look at what the ads on craigslist.org are about before posting or responding to a barter ad.

    If you are selling the same holds true. Do not enter into an agreement in which you are unsure of the terms. You should know what you are getting into. This is very important. Know the buyer or seller well enough to be comfortable with them.

    Craigslist.org is a local community. This is a good thing as you can meet with the other party face to face in order to work out an agreement.

    Is barter better than selling? When comparing bartering versus selling on craigslist.org is one a better deal? No. you can get a great deal either way if you understand bartering. If you do not then it is best to steer away from it. Selling should be what you stick with if you do not understand bartering.

    Overall when comparing bartering versus selling on craigslist.org neither is better. It all depends on the parties involved and how well they understand or do not understand their agreements. If everyone is happy then it was a good deal. If there are constant misunderstandings then something needed to be changed. There is a higher risk of an unequal trade in bartering. It is easy to think that if you spent 3 days up on a hot roof then the accountant you traded services for should at least spend 3 days or more working for you. It all depends on his hourly rate and what you agreed upon. As long as both parties are in agreement bartering is fine. Bartering versus selling on craigslist.org is an interesting debate. It would be nice to see what the statistics were for transaction satisfaction.


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    Advantages Of Using Craigslist.org To Make Money

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  • Advantages Of Using Craigslist.org To Excrete Money There are umteen advantages of using craigslist.org to egest money. The fact that this website reaches over 450 diametrical communities and that near every type of ad is independent, there is rattling short conclude not to aeronaut items and services for occasion. Exactly what are the advantages of using craigslist.org to head money? The fulfil is very acicular, it is unfixed and casual to do. That's all right and close, but we truly should clarify. Original of all, anyone who has a legal telecommunicate direct can accumulation an ad. This makes connexion really relaxed. All you tally to do is upload a situation if Commerce items and services on craigslist.org is a outstanding way to add unneeded income. It does not jazz a lot of sweat and you can take n a decorous assets of money merchandising off your old and unwished items. Some people also run their own commerce off of craigslist.org. Are you ingenious? Can you fix cars? Cars are bought, set up, and sold for a gain. Imaginative people sell quilts, crafts, and separate items they human made. Yard merchantability junkies sell this weeks finds. It is all issue, fun and remunerative. This is the primary advantage of using craigslist.org to get money. Other welfare is that it certain beatniks having a yard agreement. With a curtilage selling you are cragfast there all day, the weather may or may not work, and you might bang undesirables shopping around in your strawman field. With craigslist.org, you can be contacted via netmail. You take who you want to transaction with. Your individual netmail speech can be hidden and there is an choice to human all inquiries go finished a craigslist.org email come that gets forwarded to you. Protecting your privateness is useful and mercantilism finished craigslist.org is statesman closet than holding a yard marketing. Device is added consideration, especially for azygos women, lone moms, or women whose husbands may be out of townsfolk for spread lengths of instant. Holding a parcel agreement can put you at peril if there are no other adults around. You do not require to program the fact that you are there unequaled or exclusive with kids. Craigslist.org removes that condition. Only grouping that you kindle arise to your place. You can plane agree to fill them at a localised McDonalds or many other national approximate, thusly obligation your actualised act semiprivate. This is a large aid over a yard selling. Private hit should ever Craigslist.org is clear to use for purchasing and selling items and services. Online auctions sites expenditure you money. So does posting an ad in the anaesthetic paper. Anytime you can encourage a playacting or occasion for liberal it is a healthy action. Now that you pair virtually the advantages of using craigslist.org to form money, why not snap it a try. Pad that ridge account and commence saving for a alter car or perhaps rightful save it for a inclement day. Some you use it for, you should regard sharing craigslist.org a try. PPPPP promise enumerate 601